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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Our holiday art project

Mike and I did a bit of linocut printing during the holiday. Last year, I drew a baby tapir, and he made a lino plate. It was casual. This year, he decided to do more! It was Mike's art project. So I drew on lino, and Mike cut it. Somehow he told me that he wouldn;t be able to print well after the first try, so I had to hand pull them with a baren and a spoon.

The first thing to do was for our Christmas cards. A chicken! It is the year of  the Rooster, but as some of you know, we live with Pumpkin. She is so close to us, literally. She moved inside, and her bedroom is under a breakfast table. She is 13 years old, a very grande madame.

 So the right one was our first. Then Pearl the whippet on the left. Mike said he really enjoyed cutting.

Pumpkin the house chicken

Then I decided to try myself. I did my first ever linocut. I made this for the Christrmas card for Mike. Again Pumpkin! ( She is his first wife and I am the second). 

Then he started throwing on the potter's wheel. So I took it over and made two borders, Topaz and a cat wihout eyes. Eyes fell off whilst I was carving around them!


Bird border

Pearl and borders

Then Mike developped allegry on his hands from the clay and stopped throwing. He said he wanted to do a cat so I drew one with a tail.

The last was the adult tapir. We haf a great fun.

When I was staring, I used to think that I wish I had talent on some paper based art; easy to carry, to post and to store and less expensive and less risk to make. I noticed that nowadays those paper based artists I was jealous at that time, are trying on ceramics! You never know.

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