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Friday, 28 October 2011

Born in the year of the rabbit

I said previously that I was born in the year of the rabbit. Early this year, I received a new year card from one of my dear old friend. Her excitement was obvious from the card, ' It is the year of the rabbit! It's our year!' Another girl also wrote to me 'We should leap like rabbits this year! It's our year!'

Born in the year of the rabbit 1963

Their energy affected me. I imagined their lives in Japan. The girl who sent me the card is intelligent and smart. She has a good stable job and a good income. But she didn't meet a man she loves even though she was popular among boys at high school. She still lives with her mother, and somehow still seems to dream like a teenager girl, as if a prince would appear suddenly, and scoop her up from the ground. I turned her into this sitting girl in a rabbit suit.

After this, I started wondering what other 'rabbit girls' are like, and how they have lived.
There are twelve animals in the calendar, so each animal comes around every 12 years.

Born in the year of the rabbit 1975

Born in the year of the rabbit 1987

Born in the year of the rabbit 1999

After making three girls, an idea came into my mind. What if a rabbit wears this rabbit suit?  I will write about this later!

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