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Friday, 28 October 2011

Canterbury Festival, Artists' Open Houses

Canterbury Festival is held every October, It has lectures, tours, concerts, dramas and all sorts of cultural events. Tickets of popular programmes are sold out quickly. 

Artists' Open Houses, which is a part of this festival, has Canterbury trail, Faversham trail, Hern Bay trail and Whitstable trail. It is open from 11am until 5pm on tree weekends, starting from 15th until 30th October.

I am, for the first time, taking a part in this event this year. So I didn't know what exactly to expect. I did google open houses events in the past, and also visited other town's open houses to check out. This is three weekends event, and our house is small but lots of animals live in it: three parrots (two Timneh grey parrots and one Patagonian conure), two dogs (whippet and whippet+(plus)) and two aging finches. When I mentioned this event to Mike, he said 'What are you going to do with our dogs? Parrots? Their noise and mess?' 

Topaz, whippet plus, will not stop barking once she starts. She always barks at visitors. Fifi, the Patagonian conure, can scream so loud that our ears start ringing.  They live in the lounge.

Big problems.
I am barking dog, Topaz.

In the end, we moved Topaz and Pearl, non-barking whippet, out of the lounge to sleep. Topaz sleeps in the kitchen, and Pearl on the landing. On Open days, Topaz went to the car in the garage. Surprisingly she loved this set-up so much that she ignored the house door after a walk, walked to the garage door on her own. Last Sunday after we finished Open day for the day, she broke free from the back door, and dashed into the car in the garage, and waited for Mike to find her! We had thought we understood about her, but this proved we didn't know much about her, after living with her eight years! It was our unknown unknown moment.

This is Pearl.
For October in Canterbury, we had warm bright sunny weekends. Here are parts of my display.

The table of rabbits
My favourite face pendant
I couldn't stop making faces!

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