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Monday, 31 October 2011

The day after

It was my first exhibition, so today was my first 'the day after' exhibition. I had to go back to a day job. Because of change of clocks, a bit of effort was needed to start in the morning. After work, I wrapped and packed purchased items to be delivered or collected. I typed thank you letters.

Adult plumage. On my husband's hand.
Sadly last night I found one of two surviving owl finch died. He was hatched here in February 2003, and after his mother gave up her clutch, his father and I fed them for a while. Then his father gave up on them. I fed them until they fledged. His name was Coco, and his brother was Cous-cous. They were oOur first owl finch chicks hatched in our house.

I did a funeral today and buried him under a young apple tree. To cerebrate his eight years and eight months of life, long for owl finches, I put some photographs uploaded here. They have given us lots of joy, and I loved them with my soul, just as any mothers did.
Using my husband's nose as a perch!

Chicks have darker tones.

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