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Friday, 10 February 2012

Clumsy Mike

Those who know Mike, can't imagine how clumsy he can be. They see him baking, cooking, placing topping on a pizza like decoration, or planting tulip bulbs in regimental way. He seems to do everything neat and tidy. Not so.

Last night he broke two of my ceramic rabbits. Two at the same time!! I put them somewhere high so that our dogs won't be able to knock them down. It worked, but I didn't think about Mike. Well, actually, I did. I thought about him. But after Christmas, He suggested that I should decorate some of my nice rabbits on the shelf. I hesitated, and said 'They might get knocked down (by you)'. He said something like they will be ok on the shelf. So I was persuaded.

Yesterday there was a delivery. Mike ordered a box for HD. Only programs I watch are more or less business news, so I said I don't want it. But he said 'there is no point to have HD screen if we don't see programs in HD. Oh well, get it then. So he was connecting the box to TV when I heard a big sad,


from another room. One of my virtues is that I don't make too much fuss on something broken. Because there is no point. So I didn't say much.

Victim 1

Victim 2
But I calmly told him that he must be more careful with things. He has broken a wardrobe by carrying it on the staircase just after I bought it (I tried my best to stop him, but he didn't listen). And then two picture frames that were made to order by hurling a metal baby gate from the top of staircase (he said it was an accident). He also broke a handmade ceramic bowl given as a wedding gift by kicking on the staircase (Yes, you guessed right. He put it there!) He dragged the large cabinet on beech wood floor, and made terrible zigzag marks on the floorboard (yes, he dragged it in a zigzag way. Although I told him to put a blanket to protect the floor, he didn't listen). He smashed a plinth under kitchen cabinets by forcefully pulling out and a list carries on.

Now I will not at all surprised whatever he breaks. I am a kind of anticipating him smashing a glass cabinet including its contents, given by my mother as a wedding gift. It is something he is likely to do. 

He also often falls. Once he fell from the lower part of staircase, and literally smashed his face to the corner of a furniture, and had to get it stitched up. I was so scared to see his Frankenstein face that whenever I saw his face, I screamed! I couldn't help it.

I can almost hear you saying, it is a balance that's what he is in lack of. I think that's it. I imagine that his balance only deteriorates as he gets older. So more things will break in our house. Sigh. Only thing I can do to prevent breakage is that I should never listen to him, and put things where he can't reach by any means. But I bet he will manage to break one or two things soon.

Last night he was attaching broken ears and hand to rabbits with super glue behind me. I haven't seen them yet. I am too scared to look at them. They might have turned into Frankenstein rabbits. You see, he can't see close range well.

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