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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mike's pots I like

Hi everyone! We have had a mild day, and even sunny in the afternoon. My mother in Japan told me that it was snowing heavily there. Once a while It's not bad to hear Tokyo is colder than here.

Today I am going to show some of Mike's pots. He likes making bowls. Jane, the former tutor of our ceramic course always said that his bowls are pleasure to handle. This one is a really nice bowl that is not repeatable. It was a chance in the kiln.

Inside has greyish brown little dots appeared.
Inside became slightly warmer cream colour
Isn't it beautiful? The greyish brown dots don't make a full circle. Being Japanese, I love asymmetry; it is a spirit of 'Zen'. This is my favourite bowl among his works. Needless to say he threw it well on the wheel, too. 

Green 'Oribe' glaze ran beautifully.

This bowl and his other works are for sale on ebay right now.

This small egg vase is another of my favourite of his works. He made it years ago, and we have displayed it on a shelf. But this is also on ebay too. We sell our works, even favourite ones, so we make space literally and also in our mind to create something new.

P.S. Now it went to a loving home.


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