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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Feet samples, cheesecake and eBay

Hello everyone! there have been several showers in Canterbury today. Not good for drying laundry or dog walks. lol

We have had a good eBay this evening. It is SO nice to know that people come back to buy our ceramics. Thank you so much!

This morning, I fired several sculptures with enamel decoration. It was a success. Phew. I forgot to take photos of them, so I will show you tomorrow.

From late morning to early afternoon I also made samples of, well, feet! I made three, and I like these two.
Feet samples
In the afternoon, Mike made a cheesecake. I helped him. We are going to have a lovely artist couple for tea tomorrow. They adopted Jubjub, the largest chameleon, and one of the small ones. They called the little one 'Son of Jubjub. lol
Cheesecake in action
The first layer goes in...
This cheesecake is originally my recipe, but I guess it should be called his now. It is delicious and easy. I will type it here tomorrow with a photo.

In the meantime, despite all the action, our princess, Pearl, was enjoying her great sleep. She sleeps about 22 hours or a bit more a day. Not exaggerated.  


  1. パールちゃん頭隠してお手手隠さずですね(笑)


  2. 響さん、こんにちわ。パールはもはや睡眠の才能があります。今日もお友達が来るので家具を移動したりして大掃除をしていたのですが、その真ん中で眠りこけています。笑 よだれたらして!笑