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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Our Easter holiday

Hello everyone! How was your Easter holiday? Mike says that we have rainy Easter almost every year. He was right again!

My Good Friday started with... organic almond croissant from Le Pain Quotidien!

 We took our dogs to Whitstable late morning, as I mentioned in previous post. We walked beach and peeked the harbour. It was sunny, but cold wind was blowing.  Walking beach was relaxing. There were lots of people and dogs but the pace was slow and atmosphere was peaceful.
We are going to beach!
Unusual smell on the beach.
Mike with two sniffing dogs!

A view from a fishing boat

Seagulls sunbathing

Fisherman's huts for sale

On rainy Saturday and Easter Sunday, I did a big tidy up. We also moved my office to a 'Finch room'. Moving furniture exhausted me so much so that I didn't want to have a glass of wine afterwards. That's unheard of in our house. I am 100% wine-person, and Mike is chocolate-person. I usually love to have a glass of wine at both lunch and dinner.I would love to reduce the frequency of drinking without pain! I realised that I wouldn't like to drink wine when I am physically tired but not mentally tired. Here is the opportunity to solve my problem! I will take dogs for long walks separately so that I get tired before lunch. I have to make sure that I will not be exhausted. I still need to work afternoon.

My Easter Chocolate! We opened the third bottle before Easter! Tut tut
Speaking of wine, we bought a half case of Black cottage, sauvignon blanc, Marlborough 2011. It is New Zealand wine. We got some bottles as a a mixed case before Christmas, and loved them. It is fruity, rich and delicious. According to a young man at Majestic Wine, where we buy, ordinary people don't spend more than £10 for a bottle, but those who tried it would come back fore more. Yes, we did. It is worth every pound we spend.

On Monday bank holiday I have sorted my books and files. I already returned to work in part yesterday. I am workaholic and I usually start feeling bored on the fourth day of holiday. Mike tells me that it is a withdrawal syndrome. I am lucky because I truly love my work.

Mike took Tuesday off to make it a longer break. He also believes Tuesdays after Easter holiday are often sunny! We visited Turner Contemporary at Margate. He had to prise me off my screens.

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