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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Our kiln and Blackbird chicks

Hello everyone. It has become quite chilly and stormy in Canterbury. Our kiln arrived yesterday. We are hoping to power it with solar energy. I told Perin, a ceramic friend in New Zealand about it. He and his fiancee like to know how we get on with this new adventure. Perin, watch this space!

Our new kiln
This kiln doesn't require 3 phases. So we could use it straightaway.The capacity is 40L. As you could imagine, we are excited and very keen to run a test once the sun appears again.
A little kiln-40L
Every year wild bird chicks appear in our garden. Sometimes we have to rescue them from our enclosed vegetable patch. Sometimes, I have to work downstairs to keep an eye on then in case cats or crows come to attack them. They often can't fly. A couple of days ago, we found two blackbird chicks are here.  They can't fly very well yet. Father and mother are very busy feeding them. We were worried if they were ok in the torrential rain. But they are so far fine. 
Blackbird chick in the garden

Once we had a tame blackbird who used to come into the dinning room. We also saved one injured blackbird who laid down in front of the garden door. I thought he was dead, but he had an injury on one leg, and couldn't feed himself. At that time, I was breeding mealworms for my breeding finches, so I gave them to him. After one week he had recovered. We have soft spots for blackbirds. We love wild birds anyway, but blackbirds tend to stay in the garden and sing proudly. It is difficult not to love them.      

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