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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A new chameleon commissioned - before firing

Hello everyone. Mike and I went to the Clay Cellar this morning to buy pottery materials. The Clay Cellar is about 70 minutes drive from our house. It was a nice, clean and tidy shop with very helpful Lindsey answering all our questions. She told us that she makes tools, and yes! there are lots of them. We will definitely go back to get her special hand tools when we need one or two. There I found a small poster about Singing Soul Art gallery in Cranbrook. We have never gone to Cranbrook, and Lindsey told us it would be only 15-20 minutes drive. So we went. First, we had a lunch, panini and coffee, at an Italian cafe. Mike had cooked ham and Taleggio, and I had Parma ham and artichoke. Bread was tasty ciabata. We enjoyed our lunch. After that we popped in Singing Soul Art. There were about 10 people having a lunch. But we were able to look inside. The gallery was run by Marie Prett, who makes interesting circus themed ceramic sculpture. There was a large black English bull terrier, who must be a model for Marie's work.
Pearl sleeping 
After than we bought a large macaroon at a bakery and had it with tea in a flask. We headed back home. We have been out for five hours. We were worried about Pearl who had accidents several times in past, but she was patient this time. Phew.

After that, I started ceramics. I cleaned up the commissioned work for Josie. It is a chameleon. I am slowly drying him inside a partly sealed plastic bag to avoid any cracks appear. I am hoping that I can bisque fire him on Sunday. After an early dinner, I start making chopstick rests. Finally I was able to use the rabbit mould I made several days ago. There was a small trouble to start with, but after I adjusted the mould, I was able to make three from it this evening. I will show you them later.
New chameleon for Josie

New chameleon - side view

What a tiring day! But I am contented. We have done a lot of things. (Oh! I forgot it but we shampooed Pearl, and washed her bedding too!) Mike was very tired, and I think he is already asleep. I will join him soon. Good night, everyone.   

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