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Friday, 13 July 2012

New flock from the kiln! But they are not finished yet.

Hello, everyone. I woke up 1:30 in the morning because my feet were tight. I remember my friend, Mimi, who does Flamenco, told me that her dance teacher said that tight strings in the calf is related to shortage of liquid. So, I went down to kitchen to get some water. Soon after I returned to the bed, Mike got up. I tentatively suggested 'Shall we go to the garage to see if the kiln had cooled down?' 'Now?!?' was his reply. Despite his tone, he was ready to go, but then I thought about it again, and told him that we would wait until morning. We might trip over something.'

I woke up earlier than usual and quickly dressed, and went to the garage with Mike, who promised me he would wait until I wake up. My heart started beating a bit quicker. Everyone was safe. I had dreams that one lost an ear, and another lost his head etc. So, I was so glad to see them all alive! 

My favourite one.

With this flock, I have experimented with the relationship between texture and glaze.  I left natural cracks which appeared while forming shapes. So I glazed them thinly. But the cracks really didn't show up much. I need to do more experiments on this. 

Mary's little lamb
His bottom

This little lamb is sweetest. He is Mike's favourite. He said he likes his tuft and bottom. His body had attractive cracks, but again they were not visible. I wiped off the glaze from his nose. He will have enamel eyes.  

He is a goofy boy.
His face has right thickness of glaze.  He also has also natural cracks, but they were lost under the glaze.

The little one with a tail
This is a little one. He reminds me of Shaun. I wiped glaze from his tail to show the texture.

Tallest one with heart. He will be re-glazed and re-fired.

He is the tallest one. I carved his body to make texture. I probably scraped a bit too much glaze. He will be re-glaze and re-fired.  He will be back again!

We are going to a ceramics material shop to buy some ingredients for glazes this weekend. I caught a cold. So I will go to bed early tonight. Nigh night!

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