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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Close up on my new rabbit who had a previous life

Hello, everyone. I have made lots of rabbits last year, but one of them was burnt alive during re-firing. There was tiny hole in the glaze, so I sent him to be re-fired. he came back like a volcanic rock. I regretted so much. It might sound funny to you, but it really saddened me, as if he had actually suffered. I could almost hear him crying 'It was so hottttttt!'. My too much imagination sometimes troubles me. I couldn't throw him away for months because I felt it would be too sad for him.

But, one day, I was able to detach myself from him. I didn't hear his voice any longer. In my grief, he became some spiritual being and he came out of the physical body, if I force myself to interpret how I felt at that time. I grabbed the spirit of the burnt rabbit, and made a new one. This is him.

He is peaceful, gentle and sweet. He will be with you when you are sad or happy. All of my rabbits are looking up because they are intended to be placed on your desk. So when you work or study, he will be watching you anytime you look down at him.

He has thick beautiful glaze, which looks like sugar. After the incident in his previous life, he deserves the beautiful coat.   


  1. ...and he is most beautiful. It is so obvious you put much love in your work. <3

  2. Thank you from him and me!