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Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank holiday weekend

Hello everyone. We have had a busy and lovely three-day weekend. Mike kept himself busy with throwing, and I also made one large sushi plate. We are working for a lovely lady in the U.S.. After making the plate, I started an experiment with an idea I have brooded.  I made a wall hanging with high reliefs.
Red riding hood and a wolf
Initially I was going to make a large wolf alone, but added the little girl. This was not intended to be fired, but after my spending about 7 hours, it might get fired after all.

Between throwing, Mike was attending the garden. Throwing causes back pain, so it is a good idea to do something else for a break

Mike's veg seedlings.
 Pumpkin is hopefully looking up the fork pushed into the soil. She is wondering if somebody is going to cultivate her land so that she could find some delicious grubs.

Is somebody there?
Of course, Mike came and did some weeding for her.
Where are my grubs?
Hurry up!
I came out to put the laundry (dog beds!) in, but couldn't help joining these two. So I started looking for Cave art in the place Mike dug. I looked at several flint stones, but there wasn't any, probably because there is no cave around here!

Lilly flowered tulips opened. 

Left one is has a virus. 
Flowers in the garden look fabulous. Spring has sprung. Warm and bright. We are so delighted. I thought we will not have spring this year.

The cherry blossom in the garden.
Once I had taken photos, I went back to pack my orders; I will go to the main post office by bus tomorrow. Topaz, the post office dog, would be left behind.
Topaz pretends to be dead. : )
After dinner, we popped out to the library of the University of Kent. I got more books on primitive art. They look interesting!




  1. Oh now Pumpkin is delightful! Looks like you've had a great weekend - glad you're feeling better x Jane

    1. She really is! We are so lucky to have her. Thank you, Jane. We finally felt better enough to do something! I hope you had a lovely weekend, too. : )

  2. It was indeed a beautiful, sunny weekend..quite unusual for a bank holiday! I like your wall plaque very much, red riding hood has another intriguing expression on her face. Hope to see it fired!

    1. Yes, we usually have rain in a bank holiday! : D

      Thank you, Mark. I will fire it to see if it is sound structually. It might crack or warp!; )

  3. Pumpkin and Topaz! You share your life with such delightful creatures. And, that wolf with Red Riding Hood is truly a magnificent beast. Just what I love. I like the way you are exploring that tale. You are very talented, I wish I could draw, paint or create in clay. Minerva x

    1. Thank you for kind words, Minerva. This tale evokes deep feeling in me, much more so than other tales. The wall relief went to bisque firing today. I hope it will be successfully fired. Fingers crossed. You probably can! You just you have to find the one suitable for you. : )

  4. Enjoy the details of the wall hanging story :) Love seeing inquiative Pumpkin, so shiny and healthy looking, must be the grub vitamins ! Topaz looks so cute when she is pretening ... dogs can be cleverly creative even whn they are pretending to sleep ha ha

    1. Oh my ...my phone keys are sticking today again ...missing letters in words at every junction ...finger hurts from puching these tiny keys so hard to get them to work . Sorry about messed up words above. Well now I can also add ... so glad you are having Spring finally and getting in some garden time!

    2. Hello Willow. Mike has finally planted most baby veg out. Pumpkin is a real star. She only thinks about herself, but that's her cutest part! : D It is so difficult to type tiny keys. I have tons of mistyping when I used a tablet, which is much larger than phones! We need narrow finger tips! : D