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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A sunny weekend, at last.

Hello everyone. Today Mike has gone back to work after 10 days leave. Suddenly I got inspiration for my essay, and I made progress by leap and bound, well, I have exaggerated. It was more like a hop and step! Yesterday I spent four hours wrapping and packing our ceramics made for a wonderful lady in U.S.. I packed six bowls in one box, and one sushi platter in another. The platter was easy. But not bowls. I had spent a long time to figure out how best I could wrap bowls with special protection at the rims. I really use all my brain to pack! Today we have posted them as well as one of my dog sculptures, which is for a lovely lady in UK. Luckily rain stopped when we went to the post office. I felt lucky all day! I hope all arrive safely. Now all I can do is just pray.

This is the sushi platter. It is the largest porcelain platter I have ever made. It is 32.5 cm long. I was worried it might warp, but no, it didn't. I was so pleased with the result, I am thinking to make one for my Etsy shop, and one for ourselves during summer. Believe me sushi taste much better on Japanese plate, and even better if it has a rabbit on it!

Porcelain sushi platter
I have been steadily working on my essay. I wrote introduction and definition and almost finished conclusion. Now I have to fill in between them. 6,000 words are not long, so I have to think what can be included and what not. Luckily my day work has been quiet. Once I finish the essay, piles of financial documents are waiting for me. They would be my bed time reading, I guess.

Over the weekend, we had marvelous weather; warm and bright. A rare combination here in UK. We took our dogs to long walks. When I think about something walking helps me. Walking stimulates my brain. But I found when we were four of us, that is Mike, I and our two girls, there is nothing pensive about. Still fun!
Campus. Full of buttercups


In the garden, we have had sparrow chicks fledged from our nest box, one immediately got trapped in our veg patch (we rescued her). Blackbird chicks are getting bigger. Now they can fly! But they mainly stay in our garden. We keep watchful eyes on them. They bring us such joy!
A blackbird chick with a short tail
A tiny sparrow chick
Also flowers! Cammasia had setback this year, only one has flowered. Yellow climbing roses are in full bloom right now. Flowers make us feel happy.

Climbing roses


  1. It was a beautiful weekend, wasn't it? Today it's been raining most of the day again, and I find it much harder to throw pots when it's damp and cold. Lovely to be able to watch nature at work in the garden..I enjoy seeing fledglings too, it's very uplifting! :)

    1. Hello Mark. Yes, it was! It was pity I was too busy to enjoy the sunshine more. Yes, the sights of chicks and busy parents give us lots of pleasure. I was a bit worried that tiny sparrow chick get drowned when we had cats and dogs last week. She survivied and now flying. : )

  2. Love your rabbit too and the cobalt blue. When the sun shines I want to be outdoors, so rain is easier for me to settle down to work.

    1. Hello Patricia. Thank you. We can't miss a chance to enjoy blue sky! It's so rare here, especially this year! Yes, I agree. Rainy grey days are less distraction. I wish I finish my essay before next sunny day. (Probably not! I need more inspiration!) : )