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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ceramic bonanza - bank holiday weekend

Hello everyone. We had a nice bank holiday weekend. I was busy making ceramics for the MA show coming up, and Mike looked after our animal family and the house. MA show private view is from 6 to 8 pm on the 6th September at Sidney Cooper gallery on the High street, Canterbury. If you are around, do pop in, and say hi to me!  I am the only Japanese there, and I usually look cheerful. Mike says that I always get up from the right side of the bed!

Last Friday, the studio was so hot that I couldn't concentrate, so I brought clay back home, and finished masks in the garden. Mike was playing with his new toy after work. This mask is called 'Syria'.


'Wasted talent', 'Syria' and 'Gandhara' 

I have done numerous firing recently. I fire two kilns at the same time; bisque and glaze.

The severed body in front of a new head behind

Glaze firing with several glaze tests
On Sunday, between making ceramic sculptures, we took dogs to the campus for a walk. It was a nice break.

Are we there yet?
We haven't started yet, Pearl!

Faster, faster!

Who's that? 
Look at her shiny eyes and white teeth! Topaz is back! 

I feel younger!

Bank holiday Monday, I spent about six hours to try to create a mix media sculpture, and failed. Ugh. Never mind, There is such a day. Mike took me out for a lunch. Beer was for me. Water was for him!

I had the last steak for a while. I will be off beef until badger cull stops. 
Mike bought John Rocha shirt on sale + Blue cross! We also got this. It was an alcoholic type. That's exactly I had needed after wasting my day!

Whisky is the best. : )


  1. Topaz looks great! (And so do those chocolates ....) x

    1. She became much chirpier. Puppyhood again! Cognac is the second best. ; ) I forgot to mention on the post, but it was also a half price! A good buy! : )

  2. Oh what fun you are having! Little clay loves, some doggie loves, cognac and chocolates loves....plus a hubbie taking your wonderful picture...best wishes on your MA show.

    1. I wish every weekend has three days! : )Thank you, Charlene. Whisky and cognac are definitely strongest, hence best! ; )

  3. Hi Midori, This is a fun post ! Love sorta see you :) lol
    Great shots of Pearl and lovely Topaz too .

    1. Hi Willow! : D They were very excited. They knew driving means a fun!