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Monday, 19 August 2013

Watermelon and chicken head

Hello everyone. Mike went back to office this morning, and my summer holiday has just begun. Financial market will be cruising until mid-September. The first thing I did this morning was a bit of cleaning. Ah, it's reality.

Ta-da. After Mike's work, we went to check the kiln (firing was done), collected fired works from another kiln (all look good), and collected dry cleaning. Then I spotted this.
Lovely Greek watermelon.
It is 9.8 kg (21 1/2 lb), and really heavy. Mike hurt his elbow carrying it to the car!  Still he posed for me, and hurt wrists. Caution: don't do this at home.

A long faced man!

With this spirit, I share this with you.

Something I made earlier.
I didn't like the big chicken head, so decided to remake it. Mike dismantled it from the body with a hammer and chisel, but alas, the bottom part also came off. This will be the head, but I probably made it too thin. We will see.  

Now she became three pieces. 

The weekend flew by. Saturday we spent about six hours in the studio. Mike made test glazes, and I finished several small critters; monkey, chicken, chick and cat. Surprisingly small works take a long time to finish. I use underglaze, oxide, vitreous slips and glazes. I make resists here and there with tapes and waxing. It can be quite tedious.

Sunday, we walked two dogs to High street to buy a jar of peanut butter with no salt, no sugar and no palm oil from Canterbury Wholefoods. It is made by Meridian. We have always used it for the parrots' cake; Scooter doesn't agree with any added salt. When we came home we had delicious big slices of lemon meringue pie Mike baked earlier. Then lunch with a glass of cider (yes, this order!). I became so sleepy; I took a lovely nap for about 45 minutes. It was so lovely that I didn't want to wake up, but forced myself to open eyes. Then I went to creative mode, and made this and that until about ten at night. While I was napping, Mike baked another batch of hazel nut biscotti! Yeah! It was another busy day!

Mike's biscotti!



  1. You know I am laughing at watermelon man ...ha ha Mike is being fruity funny ;)
    Glad to hear you are having a Summer vacation Midori . A little housework, naps and some creativity with hazel nut biscotti on the side ~ sounds relaxing !

    1. :D In Japan, it's not real summer unless you eat a watermelon or two. Japanese ones are all round. What are like in your place? It is yummy. We haven't finished it yet. : D