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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

One little, two little, three little chameleons!

Hello everyone. Today I stayed at home; I have taken lots of photos (good and bad), swapped the photos of some works in my shop. Because of the commitment for the MA course, I must admit that my shopkeeping was not up to scratch. As I was a bit too tired to go to the studio, this was a good opportunity for me to look at them with a fresh pair of eyes.

As some of you remember, I have always found it difficult to take photos of my chameleons. They have Oribe, Japanese traditional shiny green glaze, which reflects light (our mock Georgian windows!).

Even so, I have managed to take some of usable ones. I listed the largest one of the three recently fired chameleons in my shop. I took this photo in shadow in early evening and brightened up the photo with photoshop. It will need  re-shooting!
He is in my shop now.
These three photos were taken during daylight. I hope I captured their characters!

Cheeky one

Cheeky one - side

This fellow is a bit serious. I guess he is staring at a fly! : D

I am focused!
I will also list them before too long.

Before finishing, here is a photo I had to take. As I said some days ago, we have three Canons now. Each comes with a charger. Like you, we have mobile chargers, tablet chargers etc. Our drawers are full of them!

I hope somebody comes up with something better than these chargers! They take space and get tangled. Anyone?

It's a full moon night. It looks beautiful. Mike took the moon with his new camera (birthday present). : )


  1. I agree, making ceramics is challenging..and taking photos of ceramics is almost as difficult, especially shiny ones! Your chameleons look fantastic, I really like them. :)

    1. Thank you, Mark! They came out nice! Mike suggested that I should make them in matte glaze. I might try! : D

  2. The Oribe chameleons are fabulous! They make me chuckle and smile. Oh, it's blue moon month, too! So you're photograph of the moon is apt. Can you see the rabbit?

    1. Thank you, Charlene. They made me giggle while I made them. : D Yes, I can see the rabbit. Japanese children learn to see the rabbit making o-mochi! It's not easy! ; )

  3. I enjoy the lovely up close picture of the Oribe chameleons and their expressions are such fun.
    That is such a beautiful clear picture of the moon , we took one several nights ago that is a bit foggy .
    After reading you comments I went back to look for the rabbit. At first I tried to hard so then I shut me eyes relaxed and then squinted at the moon it took a minute then I saw it ( I think lol) ... but to be sure I may go online and see if I can verify what I see is the correct shape !

    1. Well done, willow! You are Honourable Japanese now! ; ) The moon looked bigger. Lots of places in UK couldn't see it clearly. They said it was cloudy (on twitter). I enjoy moon bathing. I could hear the inner voice when I see the moon. : ) Thank you, I am glad that chameleons came out pretty and cute! : )

  4. Oh, those Chameleons! I so love them. I agree, we all have too many things to make other things work today. The Moon photo is very good! x

    1. Thank you! I am pleased that they came out right, but still can't take good photos! : O The moon was special. I feel moonlight cleanses my spirit.