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Friday, 13 September 2013

Another amazing day

Hello everyone. It has been another amazing day for me. Yesterday a wonderful customer in Australia reviewed my shop. He said,
This amazing artwork is on our wall now - taking pride of place. It's cheeky, funny, witty and has so many people commenting on it, when they come into our house. Thanks for all your inspiration and hard work. May people rush to buy your artworks ...
Needless to say, I was most delighted. But I didn't quite realize that it would come true. This afternoon, I had a message from the Sidney Cooper gallery that a little rabbit and a large chameleon were sold. How nice! Then within one hour, another message came. The large rabbit and the small chameleon were also sold. Now there was only one rabbit left; they wanted me to bring more work to them! How wonderful! I soon thought of the customer's review. Wow, it became true! I took several works to the gallery after they closed. Now the glass cabinet is full again. Some works have never been for sale. One is the Minotaur which you see in my banner. I love his face and colours. The glazes look mysterious and beautiful. He looks great in the cabinet. Also the third chameleon is in the cabinet. I have promised ladies on twitter that if current chameleons are sold, I will make more, so I will start on them next week. I started working on a commissioned mask. That is going well, too. 

Today I share some of my other works with you. I have two rabbit sculptures. White rabbits are symbolic animals in Japan. You would see them everywhere on almost everything in Japan. These two are, however, a bit different. Topaz, our nervous dog, is very scared of fireworks and thunders. Once either starts, she shakes like a leaf. She become restless, and has tried to hide inside the laundry machine. She is too big for that! Even after it stops, she pricks her ears up, and listens. Nothing. But she still listens. She is waiting for next bang.That was the idea came from.

Waiting for Next bang I

Waiting for next bang II

Together on a shelf

Then some of you remember this cat. Another cat was broken on the way to assessment, so he is a sole survivor. I assembled in four layers. The brown sections are reduction fired stoneware grey clay.  

Close-up of Equilibrium - cat 

This is how they are set up.

The cat is in the middle. 

Last, let me share this incredible story with you. Late this afternoon, Mochaccino, our very old owl finch drowned. He is my office mascot. I turned back from the chair and saw a soaked and motionless Mochaccino in the water. His head was half under the water. I don't know how long he was in his water dish, but about one hour before, I saw him preening. He had a stroke some months ago. He lost the power of flight then. After that his one side of the body became paralysed. At the arrival of autumn, he became weaker. We thought he would not make Christmas. He is about 100 years old if he were a human. 

I wrapped him in soft Kleenex, and warmed him up in the hand, and used a hair dryer gently to dry him a bit. Then I prepared a hot water bottle, and placed a towel and him on top of it on our bed. He showed slight movement. I kept him warm, and changed the water bottle before it gets cold. After five hours, when I went to check the water bottle, he shot out from the towel from fear, I think. I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time. I shouted that he came back to life to Mike and the world via twitter. It's a miracle.

He is still very weak. He is now sleeping on the warm bottle in a polystyrene box, which has very good insulation. I will swap the water bottle with a heat pad when I go to sleep. May Mochaccino survive tonight.     


  1. Mochaccino, may the best journey for your wishes be welcome .
    You are so kind Midori.

    1. He has recovered! He started eating seed this morning. Now he is with a hear lamp in a cosy box. Once he gains more strength, we will move him to a bigger box. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts on him. He is a miracle bird.

  2. Wonderful work, I very much like "waiting for the next bang" thank you for sharing this amusing story behind it :) I was sorry to hear about Mochaccino's though I'm relieved to hear about his miraculous recovery, I send you both warm wishes and autumn breeze from the land of palm trees :)

    1. Thank you, Hussam. Waiting for the next bang I was my turning point in ceramics. : )

      Mochaccino has recovered. He is still weak, but he had not bee strong before yesterday. I can't believe it, but he has eaten seed this morning. He is a little bird with very strong will. We are overjoyed. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  3. Konitchiwaaaaa my dear Midori-San!!!
    Wouah!!I'm so glad to learn that your Art have lot of successfull!! >w<
    However,i'm sorry for your Old Friend Mochaccino who is tired and sick, but i hope that he will stay with you a few more longtime in this world....
    Other than that, my favorites sculptures are: "the Dog"and"the Cat"!! °_^
    Lot of Sweets Kisses on yours Cheeks from France,

    1. Kon nichi wa, ma chere Lenore!; ) Thank you so much! Mochaccino has recovered remarkably. But he lost eyesight on his left eye from this. We suspect he had heart attack or another stroke in the bath water. I keep him very comfortable with heat now. : )

      Thank you! I am very pleased with the reaction. I love both myself! : ) XxX

  4. Oh my, what a stories...
    Poor Mochaccino ! Hope he will get better soon. I cross my fingers for you both :)

    1. Thank you,. he has recovered as much as he could, I think. He was weak due to age and stroke he had had before the accident. He is very comfy now. : )