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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Another show is coming up!

Hello everyone. It has been hectic this week. Tuesday afternoon, I was told/realised that the Sidney Cooper Gallery wanted me to make a new show in the side room rather than simply moving my works from the previous MA show! Since then, I am working flat out from early morning to night. I have dropped everything else. Now I am waiting for the three kilns to cool down, so that I could open them. (It's a lunch time now)
10:45 this morning
In the studio, the last kiln didn't become cool enough, and at any moment the security would come and lock the building up. So we opened the door very slightly at quite a high temperature to quicken the process. We have never done this before. But extreme measures are required for extreme situations.

I unloaded three kilns and loaded four kilns today. We have just finished the last one now after eleven at night. Last three days have been more or less like today.

I will share some of the photos.

New masks - yesterday

In the studio.

I loaded this kiln yesterday for glaze firing.
They came out fine!  But a couple of them went back to re-firing.

In our kiln room, aka the garage, we have done bisque firing. We opened this kiln at six o'clock in the evening after we came back from the studio.

Top shelf

Lower shelf

At eleven at night, we finished glazing and started the last kiln of the day.  

'Oribe' green chameleons

New masks
While we waited for the kilns to cool down in the studio, we saw this. Someone has a sense of humour!

What a week! We will rest well tonight. Good night, everyone!

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