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Monday, 30 September 2013

Clouds - my solo exhibition

Hello everyone. I have been unwell since yesterday. I must have caught virus or something. I started nodding off over lunch yesterday, and have mostly slept since then. A kind of sleep marathon!

Despite that, I am thrilled to share this news with you! My first solo exhibition!

Midori Takaki


Part 1:  Storm

Private View -  Wednesday, 9 October, 6-8pm

10 October – 9 November

Part 2: Calm

22 November – 21 December


The Side Room at the Sidney Cooper Gallery

St Peter's Street
Kent CT1 2BQ

Tel: 01227 453267
Tuesday - Friday: 10.30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 11.30pm - 5:00pm (closed Sunday and Monday)

There will be two periods, and I will change the display in between. Lots of new works, especially masks, will be in the first part, Storm. Calm will have mostly new works, I hope! Please do come!

The main part of the gallery will run 'Naiza Khan' and 'Chain Reaction' exhibitions. I had privileged to peek 'Naiza Khan' in the making. It looks very good! Exciting!

Mike's commuting route to the campus of the University of Kent 23/9

A funny thing is that I somehow thought that opening is this weekend. That's why I was frantically making work! As soon as I realised my mistake yesterday, I suddenly got relaxed, and the fever took me over! Silly me! I had thought I was a bit behind, but now, not only caught up, but also ahead! What a relief! My fever seems stubborn, but I will be back to work tomorrow. Mike is coming down with similar thing, so I have to get up! We have a big animal family to look after. Especially particular one called Pearl. Today she kept coming to my bedside and touched my hand with, first, whiskers, and then wet nose over and over again. Was she worried about me? Nope! She wanted me to follow her to her bed so that she could be tucked in with a warm blanket! Did I do that? Of course!

Autumn colours on campus today
Take care, everyone!


  1. Oh Midori I'm sorry you are feeling rough - it always seems to catch us when we relax a bit (which is why so many teachers are poorly in the holidays!) It looks like your work is really taking off - you must be so excited about this exhibition. I love the idea that you have the 'Storm' before the 'Calm'. Hope you feel better soon and Pearl will keep you company x Jane

    1. Thank you, Jane. I am ok this morning, Thanks for that! I have slept for long hours! Yes, as soon as I heard the correct date, air came out of me! It's adrenalin, I guess. Thank you. Yes, I am really thrilled. I have never dreamt to be able to have my show so soon! Pearl is such a sweet dog that we just do what she want us to do! : D

  2. Pearl , perhaps she gave get well kisses for you Midori and then just need a blanket (smile)
    You do work very hard , do you take a good multi vitamin, some ginseng perhaps.
    Glad you are ahead , cat naps in between work at least, I hope for you .
    The campus looks very pretty in the Autumn colors.
    Sending well wishes.

    1. Pearl is so demanding, but she does in the sweetest way! With those doe-eyed face, we simply surrender!
      Yes, we take multi-vitamin pill every day. I have never tried Ginseng, so will look at it. Thank you. I am workaholic. But I look forward to walking in the woods once the exhibition starts.

  3. Hello Midori........thanks for your visit!
    My goodness you are so productive. Your work is very interesting - I particularly like the surface textures.
    About the grouse, they are quite east to spot but difficult to photograph unless one has the patience and experience of a nature photographer.....and time to spend lying in the heather!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a successful exhibition.

    1. Hello Ruby. I usually can't work this long! I fire my work between three and five times, which takes about three weeks. So firing is the longest bit. How lucky of you to see grouse! One day I will go up north to see them! I don't think I would lie on the heather. : D

  4. So now you do have a solo exhibition..and not just one but two! Congratulations, I hope they go really well for you..and I'm looking forward to seeing photos of all the new work. Best of luck, Midori, hope you are both feeling better soon :)

    1. Thank you, Mark! I am totally thrilled! Everything has come so quickly! I will take better photos before the exhibition this time. : D Thank you! I am up and about today, with a nap in the middle! : D Luckily Mike didn't get as bad as I did. : )