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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Little birds and bisque firing

Hello everyone. The bisque firing went well. Phew! As there was still space on shelves, I quickly made some chubby rabbits, and fired them very slowly because they were not bone dry. I usually make rabbits on full moon nights. But that night, last Saturday, was not. In fact, it was a new moon night. Because of the lack of lunar power or what, one of the rabbits became an otter! Never mind.

Lower shelf - spot the goat! 
And this is top shelf. One baby otter is hiding.

Top shelf

Today I had a friend come to deliver boxes. My stock of boxes is low, and I had asked her to save some for me. As my studio space is a former dinning area adjacent to the kitchen, I did a major floor cleaning with a steam cleaner. During cleaning I injured my fingers twice! I had kept my fingers intact for a longer than one year; you see, clay is not good for cuts, and glazes are even worse for any injuries. So if you do ceramics, and especially throwing, it is important to keep fingers uninjured. Today I learned major cleaning is a hazardous activity!

Do you remember I made tiny chickens about a month ago? One of them was glazed. She is so small that I could carry her around in my coin purse. That's what I might do. So when I get bored in a train or bus, I can peek her inside my purse, and smile at her although people might think I am a bit strange!

A tiny chicken
And here is the little Mochaccino, my late owl finch. He is on the cabinet at my eye level. He will stay with us for good.


  1. Oh, I love peeking into your kiln and seeing all those sweet faces. Thank you, Midori. Love your birds so much.

  2. Hahaha. They all are looking up! Mike sometimes says they look spooky! :D Thank you so much, Charlene! : )

  3. I love seeing the process of other ceramic artists. Your birds are lovely and worth keeping for yourself.

    1. Thank you, Anna. Of course, you can see wild owl finches/Bicheno finches over there! How lovely! : )