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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Soul in the clay

Hello everyone. I had a productive weekend. I started one sculpture about 10 days ago, and finally finished it this morning. It is different from my other work. That excites me. When something unexpected comes out of clay, it takes me to another world.

 Here is the face that I made about ten days ago.

Friday, I started extending it.

I coiled it. 
By Saturday morning, it became like this. It was a bit like an insect. 

I made wings, tails and face pattern. It became an owl last night.

'I am flying.'

Side view

Top view
 I cleaned it a bit, and made a mount for it this morning.

Bottom view

So here is my latest owl! I kept making owls recently. I keep thinking about Mochaccino, our late owl finch. I think that' the reason, but I am not sure. Nothing is sure. I am very happy with this one and I can't wait to see how it will be finished.

After the owl was finished, I sandpapered all bisque-fired sculpture. It was a very dusty and unexciting job. But I kept an eye on the Olympics; this made the job more tolerable. My favourite events are snowboard, figure skate, ski jump and speed skate. It was strange that while I watched high adrenaline sports, my adrenaline goes high, too, in front of the TV. It is the modern equivalent of watching gladiators or hunting, I guess. There are four hours time difference between Sochi and UK, so I might adjust my working time. I could see my favourite events. One of the good parts of working from home alone.


  1. Helloooo My dear Midori-san!:-)
    I think it's your Soul who would like to flight with others birds... °_^

    1. Hello, Sandrine san. It might be. Lots of owls are hatching in my little studio! :D

  2. "There is somewhere - at all times -
    a wise owl that imparts his wisdom upon us." Nice :)

  3. Ah ~ the influence of Mochaccino as Valentines Day approaches with wings of love I think. :)

    1. What a nice way you put it, Willow! I love it. : )