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Thursday, 20 February 2014

New critters from the kiln!

Hello everyone. The extreme weather seems to have stopped for now. Spring flowers have started in our garden. They cheer me up so much!

Lately, I kept seeing referrals from My Owl Barn site to my shop. So I investigated it. Look what I found!
My Owl Barn

How wonderful! My owls are featured there! This site is for owl lovers. There are loads of owl goods, art and everything owly. There are also other animals shown together. If you are looking for a gift for owl lovers, this is the place, you should browse!

I have been busy working until late this week. In mornings after desk work, I packed and posted work with Topaz. In afternoons, more desk work and then studio work until nine at night. Today is the first day I finished at eight! I aim to finish work before nine this year, but I haven't done well so far.

Monday morning, I opened the kiln. There are lots of rabbits and owls as well as other things.

New rabbits from the kiln.
I use same white glaze for all rabbits at each firing. But each time it looks different. This time, it looks like Japanese traditional white glaze. Last time it was very white like milk. Intriguing.

Owls, rabbits, baby otter and farm animals!

 Thankfully, both heads and the large owl have survived, too.

After firing

Most go to firing again. As this owl mysteriously appeared on that night Mike was away, I had no plan how to glaze him. He will go to the second firing like this. I am carefully listening to what he says, and going very slowly.

Crying owl

In the garden spring has come albeit very wet.



Pumpkin was going to attack flowers!
 She soon scratched flowers with her big foot, so I had to run to stop her! She doesn't appreciate flowers.


And our first daffodils this year! 

Spring has come!


  1. Hello, Midori, thank goodness the weather is getting better at last..finally a bit of sunshine :) Your latest work is beautiful, I really like the crying owl with its unusual texture. Baby otter is very sweet too :)

    1. Hello Mark. Indeed, we have missed the sunshine! Thank you. I will not know how the owl ends up. I am listening to him very carefully. : )

  2. Flowers are born, Rabbits also. And baby Owls, baby Otter too :) They are wonderful.

    There in south-west of France we want more sun and less water too.
    Take care of you.

    1. Thank you, Ilona. We all want spring to come! You, too! : )

  3. I love the way your critters have such individual personalities!
    Lovely to see the Spring flowers....

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Ruby. R=Thank you. They all have their own characters. : ) I hope you had a great weekend! : )

  4. Love, love, love your crying owl. As well as the little owls and rabbits. The white glaze looks good, too. White glazes can be tricky, but this white is very lovely. We are in a severe drought so I thought we might not see our daffodils--but up they came after we finally got a little rain. So trustworthy a beacon of spring...

    1. Thank you, Charlene. The crying owl was once a child, but became the owl. It was strange experience. I don't use glaze often enough to remember how it should be. I had better take a note in scientific way! :D

      I had no idea that you had drought. I thought all US was covered with thick snow! That' what mass media does to the little Japanese! :D Yes, the nature is incredible. We admire the return of spring more so this year after all those storms. : )

  5. Everything looks magnificent here Midori . The art , Pumpkin, the Spring flowers ! :)))))

    1. As soon as the spring has come, they say we are going to have a cold spell. Oh well. We should have a bit of winter, I guess. :D