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Thursday, 20 March 2014

In the studio

Hello everyone.  The bisque-firing was successful. I became so nervous to carry the storm head from the garage, aka the kiln room, to inside. I held my breath. That exhausted me!

One of the strands of hair seems a bit loose! I am hoping it will be fixed with glaze.

All others were intact, luckily.

These three whippets are commissioned. They came through fine, too. 

Today, I built a torso for a young faun. I somehow built a well-built mature man's figure, which would be more suitable for a rugby player than a young faun. With a thick chest and six pack!" What was I thinking? I had to shave most muscle and to pat it to rounder shape.

After shave - front
I changed square shoulders and bottom round. I had to shave off kilos of muscles! Mike suggested that I should start from a scratch, and/or make a new head for the torso. Not a nice suggestion when I don't have too much time at hand.

After shave - backside
After reshaping it, I added a goat tail. Then suddenly he looks like a faun! Sorry no photo today. 

Do you remember that I made a trio of little animals over Christmas holiday? They finally finished. They were quickly snapped up within hours of their debut. So nobody has seen them together. Here is the photo.

Little lamb, goat and bunny
 And the last but not the least! Today's Pearl. It was windy today! She was happy to have a coat on. 

 And bendy Topaz.


  1. I feel your trepidation about carrying the fragile pieces to the kiln as I have done so myself walking ever so carefully hoping nothing goes wrong. So glad they all made it fine.

    1. Thank you, Linda. So far so good. I hope they will come through glaze-firing, too! : )

  2. My goodness you've been a busy girl, shaving backsides etc!! And all those intricate pieces out of the kiln, fascinating. Just love your little trio, and how exciting about the upcoming exhibition. Do you ever slow down Midori?!

    1. Thank you, Jane. I don't know why I made such a muscular body for a boy!!! I only slow down when I become ill! I like doing things. Doing nothing makes me tired! :D

  3. Cutest trio: lamb, goat and bunny ! Love them very much, thank you for this shot.
    I'm affraid about beautiful hair of Storm, it will be fragile.. Good luck for glaze firing, I cross my fingers ;)

    1. I made the trio for fun! And that's the trick, I think! When I have a fun, others will feel it, too! : )
      I was exhausted after just carrying her! :D It is risky, isn't it? Thank you! I hope she will remain one piece!

  4. I am glad you put together a picture of the farm trio for us.
    I of course loved them.
    I am also glad I back tracked so I could see Pearl in her posh beige jacket
    and Topaz doing bendy yoga :))

    1. Oh! what a good naming! The farm trio! : ) Topaz is always very bendy! She makes me laugh! :D