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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Midori made a friend with a swan

Hello everyone. I have lots to share with you, but today I will write about the swan I met in the weekend. We walked to Westgate garden on Saturday.

Our girls have been sulking a bit because I had been busy in my small studio.

Why should I get up?

I will make myself art!
 So when my back started aching, we thought we will go for a good walk.

Let's go! 

We walked all over and found the places we had never been. How exciting! But it was not that exciting when Pearl decided she saw a cat. She made such commotion; Mike had to carry her...

Shame of the family! :D
We walked more and more, and went to Westgate garden.

Late afternoon sun
 If you watch Bargain Hunt on BBC, this is the place they often film at the end of the program.

The child is not related to us. :D
 Then there was a swan. I called him and cooed him. He came!

He didn't stop. He got out of the water and started walking toward me. I was already very close, in arm's reach with beak to nose. I was a bit worried. When I waved my hand, he wagged his big tail. I know that is friendly gesture. But as I didn't have anything to give him, I said good bye to him, and decided to return with some food next day!

He came closer and stood up!

Next day, Sunday, we went back to visit him after eating a cake, Mike bought for himself, but I ate sponge part!

The river was still very full and there was still flood in some areas.

The swan was there. Current was fast, and he struggled to follow me, but I found a place I could feed him ... organic chicken pellets! 

What are they?
 If they are good for chickens, I thought they are good for swans, too!  But when I showed him, I could see some disappointment on his pretty face. : (

I left some on the wood, then he started eating them! Yeah! A passer-by told me that they have to dunk them to eat. And that's what he did. I was so happy!

I prefer bread...


  1. Oh you really made me smile with all of this.
    Lovely dog jackets ~ are they the new ones you were eyeing in the shop ?
    That tree is great , that's also too cute that Mike and the dogs had a little follower .
    The last Swan picture with the caption ~ very very cute ! ha ha

    1. Hi Willow. No, they aren't. : ) I really love that in the window... Yes, the tree has presence! The boy's mum was chatting with a lady. He had been bored stiff when we appeared with dogs. He ran toward us but then he suddenly became shy! :D

  2. Swans mate for life, wonder if he is missing his mate? What is that large tree? what an amazing trunk.

    1. He might be still single! :D We have conducted a special investigation for you, Linda! The tree is Oriental plane; natural habitat is Iran. : ) It is older than 200 years. There is rumour that it had swallowed something,,,, (Creepy...)
      metal railing.! :D