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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Work in progress and beach walk

Hello everyone. It was a wonderfully warm day for early March. 17C, which is 64F. We went to the beach with our dogs late morning. But to start with I will share a couple of photos from my studio, with you.

Large round bird body
 Friday, I made this bird body. I made it in two parts and joined them .


Last night I made these three whippets. They are the last commissioned whippets until July. They will be Bronze-gold.

The last two bronze gold whippets are gone now.  A larger one is almost gold-bronze.

Whippet - sold

The lady who bought the another bronze-gold pair sent me a wonderful message. She has brindle lurchers, and my little whippets look like them. She said people think that she would have them commissioned. How lovely!

Our beach walk

Suddenly Whitstable is the centre of the universe.
We usually go to beach before 10 on the first warm days of the year because people would drive down from London and North Kent later, and it would be crowded. But today, we were a bit late, and the road to Whitstable was already jammed. So we went to Seasalter, the next beach along from Whitstable.


It was peaceful. We walked along the beach until we were tired. By the time we were leaving, there were more cars parked, and more people were coming.

Topaz and her shadow.

They found a lots of smelly things!

And one dog ate something bad, dead shellfish, we think, and the other didn't. 

You can tell from their ears which ate bad shellfish. 

We have collected pretty stones and a tiny shell. 

Each has its own story to tell.


  1. Beautiful bronze whippet! It's funny how some dogs have a taste for rotting seabirds etc. and others walk away.
    Interesting collection of stones.......the grey one on the right looks mysterious,as though carved with ancient inscriptions.

    Happy Spring!

    1. Hi Ruby. Thank you. : ) We thought same about the stone. I kept looking down rather than blue sky on the beach! :D