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Monday, 12 May 2014

A prince

First of all, I like to thank you for all people who came to like and to comment my brand new Facebook page. It means a lot to me! I still don't understand lots of things there. For example, how I could find people's  business 'Page' from their personal page? Should I request friend or not? What are Facebook etiquette? Why I could follow some people, but not others, etc. It'a maze. Twitter is simpler. You either follow or not! Funny thing is that Facebook keeps asking me 'Did you go to the secondary school?' After Ignored its prompt, it said 'You didn't go to the secondary school'. Or it nagged me when I tried to 'unlike' my page after I 'liked ' it from my website as test; something like you shouldn't unlike your own page while others liked yours. It's a bit comical.

I tried to 'like' or 'follow' all people who 'liked' mine, but a half of them are invisible. So if you are one of those invisible, although I don't know who you are, but my gratitude is here. Thank you!


I caught another bug again. This weather is not helping me. Yet, I managed to load the kiln on Friday. And I had worked through the weekend. But too much was too much. This morning, I finally couldn't get up. I had headache and all aches all over. What's worse, Mike caught it, too. But I had three works to post, so after lunch, I packed them and posted them. They are a rabbit, a chicken and Amelie. They all went to very nice people. I am so happy!

I only checked the kiln early this evening. It's a mixture of success and not so good. Nothing is disastrous, luckily. Test pieces will need at least another glaze-firing. Oxides were too weak, and they were burnt out. I also forgot to glaze the eyes of one figure! How stupid is that? That's what happens when I overwork.

Others were successfully fired. What a relief! I started feeling the pressure, as time is ticking.  Now I have got six new works I could take to the art fair.  If you would like to receive invites, please let me know by direct mail or email which is in the contact page in my website. (www.MidoriTakaki.co.uk)

This is the one fired earlier. He was a boat. But his expression is not for a boat. He wanted to become a royal. So I gave him a crown and now he is a prince. I like the gradation on his body. I got the idea from the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate. It looks so natural and pretty. I liked it so much that I am using this for some other pieces. Once a while, one glaze firing is enough for a change.

A prince

he has an unusual expression. 



  1. Hi Midori
    Facebook can be a puzzle when you first get started. I'll have to make sure I Like your page. Love your Prince :)

    1. Hi Anna. Yes! I am still at a loss. :D So please make sure that you will lead me to your page when you 'kindly' like my page! I can't trace back, and I don't know who they are! Thank you. He came out nicely! : )