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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Chickens have returned, and a little bird called Ruth.

Today, I have finished my studio work before 7:30! That's early for me. I have wanted to update the blog for days, but when I worked until 9, I just couldn't have time or energy to do blog. My creativity peaks in early evening; obviously I work with that in mind. I do my other work, all administrative work related to ceramic business, packing and shipping in the mornings. So I could gear up for my creative time later.

I have made lots of 'people' this week despite strangely I have had two nightmares (too scarily to tell you here!)  and the return of the virus infection, which finally cleared two days ago.

Chicken is back!

I made a chicken similar to these, and showed her in MA show last year, but no general visitors had a chance to buy her because one of art tutors snatched her up during the installation. Since then I have been asked if I had more. So here they are!

'Do you think it's going to rain today?'  'We might need brollies.'
And these three boys are drying. I have made two more, so there will be five angels. They are relatively smaller size. I like their faces!


While I struggle with time management, there is a lady who is so good at it. I have wanted to tell you about a lady called Ruth. We met on Twitter and my pair of owls now live with her. She has a demanding a full time job, yet she runs her two Etsy shops very successfully. She also tweets funny things a lot, which I giggle, and blogs regularly! She even started decorating ceramic! How could she manage all? According to her blog, she has a routine for certain tasks. Amazing! She has sweet birds prints in one of her very popular Etsy shops. It is full of sweet birds and animals!I have enjoyed reading her blog. Her straight talking yet humorous writing is refreshing. We all know that it is not easy to keep focused on more than one thing. If you have Etsy shop and another work, her blog would be very inspiring how she copes or, in fact, thrives on both.

This Is How We Know About Life - Birds - The Original Garden Birds illustration Art Print 29x10cm
Ruth's bird print



  1. Hello Midori :)
    I was here yesterday viewing the marvelous chickens and then
    I popped over to the site you recommended and forgot to comment here ~
    forgetful I am sometimes !
    Sorry to hear of scary nightmares in your head ~ perhaps they have now gone
    with the virus, let's hope.
    I thought of you yesterday as I am doing some clay sculpting ( just for fun) , my work is very primitive
    but I do love the feel of working with the clay ~ I use putter with clay long ago in college ( ,long ago Ha)
    Nice to be back at it a bit .

  2. Hi Willow. : ) How nice to learn that you started clay! : ) I am wondering if nightmares were caused by virus... I hadn't had any nightmare for a decade! I hope you have enjoyed Ruth's little birdies. : )