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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Facebook ceramic page and anteaters in ceramic and fur

I have good news! I finally launched my ceramic page, MidoriTakaki.Sculpture on Facebook. It is a bit like I don't know how to swim yet, but lots of waves are coming. All I could do is to jump when they come, so I will float. So if you find me doing silly things there, please be patient. I'm learning very slowly how to navigate there.

 The reason why I started Facebook page is that I wanted something between Twitter and blog. I like Twitter because it is easy to use, and I can tweet several times a day. I also appreciated feedback from people. It's vital. Besides, thanks to Retweet, The post can be spread like a wild fire, which is nice. But the 140 letter limit is often too short to tell stories. One photo per post limits to posts going into depth.

I like the blog because I can tell you why I made certain works; it is very important to me. But due to time constraint, I can only blog about twice a week. And audiences are somewhat limited as they have to find here.

On FB, I have learned that I can post with multiple photos, without letter restriction, and it is quicker to post than the blog. So I am hoping that my FB page will bridge between twitter and the blog. Do come to my page and say hi to me, if you are on FB. I would be delighted to meet you there! I added my FB badge on the right hand column. 

For the last couple of days, I have been glued to the desk, and haven't done anything much in Studio. All figures including these boys came out fine after bisque-firing. I will start glazing them tomorrow.

Three boys have geometric patterns on their garments.

These two have floral patterns.

I am aiming at coarse Thai silk like fabric

This little fellow was also bisque-fired. He is an anteater. I took him out from the kiln Monday morning, and Mike and I visited the zoo to see real ones in the afternoon. It was crowded. Did you know that they are quite playful? We didn't. When we got there they were trying to settle for afternoon nap. I guess a larger one is the mother and smaller one is her offspring. The small one decided not to go to bed. He kept poking mother with the long nose and big toes. Mother woke up and a kind of said 'Stop that, now! I am sleepy!' in her gesture and then put her very large tail over her head like a blanket! We had watched them until the child also became sleepy. What a treat! People were overjoyed to find them, too. They were stars!
Don't sleep yet! Let's play!

No, you go away. I am sleepy! ( see the leg of the left anteater)

Another great animals to watch were the lemurs in the walk-in enclosure. They licked nectar from apple trees just above our heads. Their dog like face doesn't show much expression. They strange eyes don't show anything but focus. They are strange primates.

They were just above our heads.

After about three hours, we came home. I became too tired to stay awake. I went to bed to have a nap, but ended up sleeping for about three hours until eight at night. A good nap is one of pleasures of life, but too long a nap hinders a good nights sleep. That was the consequence!


  1. Here you are it seems like I have been tardy as i thought I had commented on these lovely fun ant eaters ~ the living ones and the beautiful bisque fired one ! What a treat to see a lemur licking nectar from an apple tree. Our apple tree is in blossom right now too.

  2. Hi Willow. Animals are so lovely, as you know very well. They have power to give us happiness. But apparently not all animals. Some want to have us for lunch! Enjoy your spring. Our apple blossoms have finished. Everywhere is all green. A beautiful season!

    1. Ha You are so right about animals Midori .
      I suppose it might be fair play according to the ones that want us for lunch ~ as people have had an animal or two for lunch on occasion it seems . Odd humor I have ;)
      Our apple tree was quite late with blossoming this year ~ just now in full bloom.

    2. It is fair play, indeed. : ) You had a long winter. I hope, because of that, your spring is even more beautiful!