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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Countess of Mochi has Japanese DNA

This week, I have been busy with lots of different things. Talk about multi-tasking. One thing I have learnt since I became a full time artist last autumn is that artists have to be able to do lots of things; DIY, working with other materials, driving, running electric cables, to name a few! Besides we have to do accounting, promoting, marketing, packing, posting and creating! I totally give high respect to all artists. When I was an interior designer at Tokyo, I had a secretary to do most admin jobs. Mails were delivered to my desk by another secretary, even drinks were made for us.  Courier came to collect parcels at the doors. What a difference! I am lucky because Mike does lots of things that I am not good at. Driving is my weakness. He is also good at DIY and all things related to electricity. He is IT professional. Apparently, when I lose him, my artist career will be over!

I finally took several photos of Countess of Mochi. This is her debut. If you observe her carefully you can see Japanese DNA.

Countess of Mochi
Countess of Mochi

We have started harvesting fruit and vegetables from our garden. 

Shelling is usually my job. I ended up eating quite a few raw, as they are sweet! Pearl the whippet waits under the table. She knows I drop a few. She loves peas too!

Then she spent her day sleeping with her legs stiffly straight, and an ear curled!


  1. the raspberries are almost the same color as the countess's cheeks

  2. love the countess and shelling peas with the dog nearby brings back childhood memories - my parents grew peas to sell at a roadside stall and one of our dogs would follow us along while we were picking them and she would pick and Eat them, pod and all. Guess she liked their sweetness.

    1. What lovely memory! Thank you for sharing, Anna.