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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My studio shelf on a snowy day

We had a bit of snow today. I was hoping it would fall enough to take dogs to a field, but soon it became slushy. I cut a finger about five days ago. Since then I have restricted myself in contact with damp clay. This means I can't make new things. So I have planned and drawn plans for Ceramic Art London stand. I used to be an interior designer in Tokyo. So designing space is one of the things I'm good at. This time, I am going to design all stand fixtures and get them made by Mike although I will probably purchase a cabinet. Elevation plan is done. I am still thinking about small details. Like lots of things in design, small details matter!

Here is the blackbird who was feeding on chicken pellets in front of my studio window.


Blackbird - top
Hello rabbits! They did a line-up on my shelf.

We are bunnies! 
I have also made these cheerful ones!

Goat, lamb, piglet, rabbits and cat! 

Snow was pretty, but it didn't last.

Pearl, the whippet, needs pyjamas at night. Keep warm, everyone! 

I am supposed to be a fierce hunting dog! I can't be seen in this with my tail dong! 

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