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Friday, 16 January 2015

Works on commissions

I have worked on three commissions this year, so far. The first one is a pair of whippets for a lovely lady, who lives with a blue whippet.  One is sitting up and another is lying with its head on paws. They will be bronze-gold glazed. 

If you would like a whippet with bronze-gold glaze, please contact me by email (in my website), Twitter or Facebook. Until I make some adjustments to the new batch of the glaze in late spring, I will only use the remaining old glaze for commissioned works. 



Large - sitting up

In the making 

The second one was a black cat. The lovely lady has sent me lots of photos so that I was able to feel what  her cat is like.  

I took some time to make her expression. She became a sweet cat just like the model. 


The third one is a sitting up greyhound for a lovely lady with two greyhounds. She will be glazed with clear crackle glaze. I used semi-porcelain, and I had to carve it out rather than building because the clay was either too wet or too dry. The result looks lovely and I'm happy with it. 

So far so good! I hope they will be successfully bisque-fired.

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