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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Three masks - three stories

My shelves in the studio are getting crowded. Since I finished the Christmas orders, I kept making little ones. But today I will share three masks I made last Sunday while I watched the march in Paris on TV.

None of them was premeditated before making. I listen to them, and they will appear. This has become a bear, or bear spirit. It must be from His Dark Materials that I read recently. I have thought about Iorek and Lyra a lot. And also about Polar Bears, stars and aurora. I hope she will tell me more about her soon.

Bear spirit
Next came Alice. I was going to make a girl, but it seems to me the Alice band and curly hair suggests that she is Alice herself! Alice is surprised at what's happening in Wonderland.


Although other two came naturally and quickly, this one was first an injured rabbit. He didn't like to be a rabbit. He was a bear.  I had been crying because I was moved by the march. I knew his name. He was Charlie. 



  1. These are wonderful! And I can see how Iorek and Lyra would be inspiring. (I am still reading the first, -and have been reading other books at the same time- but I am very much loving it and do still intend to read the whole trilogy!)

    And he is most definitely a Charlie!

    1. Books are lovely! Too lovely for me to concentrate on my work! I have to wait for the next Christmas to turn pages. :D Thank you.