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Friday, 6 February 2015

A busy week!

What a busy week! Lots of packing and posting this week. Thank you so much!

The Cherub, Wren and a black cat in dress are going to a lovely lady. They will be delivered at PV, at the exhibition in Sunbury next month.


Bronze-gold glaze Wren. 

My first cat in print dress. : ) 

I fired seven whippets at the last glaze-firing. Six have gone to loving homes. The last one (right middle) is in my shop. They are very popular.

Beautiful crackle glaze

Also goofy rabbits found lovely homes! They bring smile to me anytime I see them! This one went to a talented ceramic artist late last week,

and this one is going to a wonderful lady in Kent tomorrow! Yay!

And this little lamb with a duck toy in her pocket went to a wonderul lady in US. She joins another lamb and rabbit girls in print dresses. : )

Lamb with a ducky toy! 

Thank you so much!


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