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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Studio Shelfie!

It has been hectic so far this week. I was able to manage to do bisque-firing today. I started about eight in the morning, and finally downed brushes at eight in the evening. I realised that I was too tired to carry on when I knocked over a rabbit; his ear got broken. Sad. But before I would break any more, I took a tea break.

Inside the kiln looks like this. This time it is only one shelf. It's quite tight!

I took Shelfie whilst I was preparing for firing.

Did you notice the giant Tapir mum? :D If everything goes well, she would be in the exhibition at Sunbury Embroidery Gallery next month or Ceramic Art London in April.

Blue eyed night owl asked me on Twitter what the grey thing was. I showed her this photo. She is an owl! A bit Jazz!

I am an important owl. 

Hoot hoot! It's time for Midori to sleep! Good night!


  1. Shelfies! What a terrific idea! Do you ever wonder what the creatures are doing in the firing kiln?

    1. :D I only hope they come out intact! The firing went well, thankfully! : )

  2. I am so very intrigued by the whole process of this batch! And I look forward to seeing how the owl will look in the very end:) But the other items are beautiful too by the way!

    1. She shouldn;t change too much from here. : ) Thank you. : )