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Friday, 13 February 2015

Mike was out of sorts at (early) Valentine's dinner

I have finished before 9 today. It has been a busy week again. It will continue until mid April. The last eating out before that was Valentines' dinner on Thursday. I know it's early. But Mike told me that we would go early so there would be no hustle, and we could enjoy the food. I guess he was not able to book on the 14th! :D

He is usually sharp, but that day somehow he was not with it, out of sorts and out of order! The restaurant manager and he talked to each other about completely different subjects at the same time. Neither responded to the other.

Manager: 'Which seat would you like to take?', Showing us two tables.
Mike: Holding out his coat to him.
Manager: Still waiting for Mike's answer, but after a while, called a young waiter to take his coat and mine.
Mike: Still no answer.
Midori: 'We will take this one' pointing at a table.
Manager: Relief on his face. Passing down a menu to Mike now on seat.
Mike: 'I forgot glasses!'
Manager: 'Have you had a good day?' with polite smile.
Mike: 'I forgot glasses!'
Awkward silence
Midori: 'Yes he had!' replied cheerfully.
Smile on all faces.
Mike: I forgot my glasses in my coat pocket. I can't read menu. Would you please bring them? '
Manager: 'Yes, certainly.'


Then I made this rabbit after I came home. (yes, I had worked after the dinner!) Actually he appeared. It's Mike!

Mike at the early Valentine's day dinner 

Yesterday I did bisque-firing. It went successfully. There are lots of sanding and griding to do tomorrow.

Top shelf

Bottom shelf
Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. You always do such lovely work. No wonder you have waiting lists.