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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Packing is intense!

Since the last Friday, Mike and I have been busy making a box and packing. Packing ceramic sculptures is challenging, but making a box for them to post is intense! So intense that we could only carry on about 2 hours at a time. It's two people's job. It is more like sculpting! Mike does all shaving and cutting materials. We discuss a lot as we continue, and alter a lot. It is a bit like an operation! Even after we planned beforehand, unless we start, we don't know how things go!

Here is one example. He flew to a lovely lady in the US.

This time we have to ship two figures. Both with sticking arms and travertime mount! This box was started several weeks ago. We added a divider inside. Then we find polystyrene pieces to fit in the spaces.

Mike scrapes the bits. Then we do fitting. 

Fine tuning and fitting about 30 times! Yes, 30 times. 

I use Mike's tiny grooming scissors to clip tiny bits, so that no part gets stress. By then we look two crazy people!

Then the second one goes through same process. After about 4 hours clipping and scraping. Finally they look ok.  

Then bracing to be made. Again after much discussion and several fittings, they finally fit into places.

After shaking the box upside down and on sides, if they don't move at all, it's done. 

Now I make little parcels for little accessories and secure them (the black part) 

Then double box it. Again I shake it to see if anything moves. If not, weigh it, and get a price for shipping! This takes about 7 hours over several days. Thankfully Mike helps me. It requires an engineering mind and 3D planning! I'm hoping that one day 3D printing will make special boxes for me. Until then we carry on!  


  1. Wow!! That is time intensive - and I'm sure stressful too. Great job though!!

    1. Thank you, It really is! Even after the shaking tests, I still get wprried until I hear the good news. I used to regret that I didn't have some talent on paper based art! :D

  2. terrific boxing effort. What would we do without our supportive partners..

    1. I would be lost, Anna. His brain is very different from mine, and we make good partners to complement each other! : )