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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Resting day!

It's unusual! I'm taking rest today. After three days of glazing and early starts, I was exhausted. I loaded the kiln about five yesterday. After dinner, I watched The Hobbit on TV. That's the first film or drama I have watched since the 3rd episode of Wolf Hall, in January!

I have also slept 11 hours. I have baked madeleines as our pastry chef was busy on the roof. Mike was fixing wire to prevent town pigeons nesting under the solar panels. That was my first baking in 15 years, I think! :D

Glaze-firing is done. Shelfie for you!

Glaze-firing - Lower shelf

Top shelf
Our family is sleepy as usual! Pumpkin is 11 year-old now, and she is happy resting and bathing. I feel privileged to be able to join her today!

Mike's courgettes have got lots of flowers this week. We will soon have lots of courgettes! 

Topaz is usual studio dog, but once a while Pearl the whippet, takes the role! 

Imagine how tiring to sleep for 20 hours a day! 

If you wonder what Mike looks like on the roof. Here is a photo.  

I was holding the ladder and waving to people passing below! :D

Have a great week, everyone!

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