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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tapirs and anteaters in their new loving homes!

Lately a few customers have posted their photos of my tapirs and anteaters on Twitter. I would love to share them here!

Gavin feeds vegetarian ants to Anton! :D
Gavin Berriman: http://twitter.com/gavinberriman
Look who's arrived from ...it's only Anton the Anteater! Thanks Midori...he's a handsome little chap.

Helen has both aneater and Small tapir baby now! 

'And... how gorgeous are my @MidoriTakaki baby tapir and anteater? :-) :-) :-)' 

Lydia has large mum and tiny baby! 
Hehehehehe! Excited giggles - I've got one too, and a mummy #tapirlove 

Jean also has Large mum and a tiny baby! 
Jean Edwards: http://twitter.com/JeanEd70

A tapir and her baby have arrived, thanks to Midori Takaki!

Karin's panda stroking small baby tapir!
Karin: https://twitter.com/andtheHare

We love our new baby #tapir @MidoriTakaki thank you!! Film to follow

And here is her sweet film! Enjoy! 


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    1. Thank YOU, Charlene. :) Have a lovey weekend. Mine is a working one. :D