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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Being more efficient!

I have been steadily working day by day. That's nice. I used to work with lots of deadlines. This year, I am finally in charge of my own schedule. This means I am able to work more selectively and efficiently. Last year I crammed too much work in the second half of the year; which I regretted. So this year, as I knew I would be busy anyway with Christmas approaching, I left diary for only commissions. Also I was thinking to visit my mother; as she is getting older and she has had a difficult time lately. But after agreeing to do an exhibition in Tokyo next spring, I decided not to visit Japan this year.

Instead, one day each weekend, I re-organise my work place, establish my system, identify the areas I need to improve as well as do some experiments on my work methods. As I have already met my annual target, I thought this is a good opportunity to do that.

As I have to stay in Japan for about 4 weeks during the exhibition, I know I need to work for next year, now.  Also once the construction work for my studio starts, there would be interruptions. So I am working steadily every day.

I bought this clay a couple of years ago at Art in Clay, Hatfield. I finally had time to experiment with it. I love the texture and colour. I used turquoise blue glaze; it looks great on this clay. It reminds me of Japanese pottery. The little bird has gone to a lovely printmaker. The large one is in my shop now.

Large bird is in my shop.

News for people on the Tapir waiting list! The summer part has started moving. I will soon contact you! 

The waiting list has closed due to overwhelming demand. I hope I would be able to offer some in my shop in late November. But if you like to get this delightful guys for Christmas, please let me know.I might be able to put you in my commission slot. : )

We both are quite busy with packing recently. When time is ripe I should be able to share the pics with you! 

Rolled sushi style

Pie style

If you wonder, our dogs are busy sleeping! They do sleep a lot. 

In shade

or in sun
 Pumpkin the chicken has lost most tail feathers. The last two are still attached as the pride of chicken.

Tail is chicken's pride!


  1. I am sad for Pumpkin, but I'm happy you are doing good. It sounds like you've got a good rhythm going there. And it's always a good idea to stay ahead and to avoid having to set any deadlines later.

    The birds look very Japanese indeed! And very pretty! I like that the texture and color near the bottom is different:)

    I've been quite efficient too today! Making headway with my little art studio as well as the rest of the house, which is probably good, because once that studio is done I might be too distracted to do anything else then paint and craft for a while, haha!

  2. Amazingly the feathers are hanging on! She usually turned to a ginat quail at this time! :D

    Yes, staying ahead is my goal! You put it nicely! When I was innundated with orders, I was not able to do experiemnts and/or improvement just in case they might not work and I wouldn't be able to meet deadlines. So I am happy that I would put lots of things done for future this summer.

    Thank you, Laura. When I saw them, lots of memories from Japan flooded me. : )

    Well done! You are ahead of me! :D Our house needs to be sorted!

  3. you do sound organised... well done. I wonder why the hen is losing her tail feathers :(

    1. I would love to get more organised, Anna! :D She is moulting to winter fearhers right now. She has pin feathers all over! :D