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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mystery was solved!

The mystery sale was finally revealed! It was Dawn Chorus.

Dawn chorus - sold

Little ones are also in demand last week!

 Ice Baby and animal helper went to a lovely lady in the Netherlands with white rabbit.

Ice Baby and animal helper - sold

White rabbit - sold

Frida the monkey has flown to to a nice lady in the US! She likes nuts! 

Frida -sold- and Piglet

A little goat (left)  has gone to a nice lady north. : )

Little goat -sold-, Piglet and Lamb

Midori was busy packing! 

It is great to see flowers when I'm a bit tired. Agapanthus is one of my favourite summer flowers. 

There are four different species and varieties in the garden. I have grown them from seeds. 

Balloon flowers are one of Japanese summer flowers! Anytime I see them I remember Japanese hot summer evening; people in yukata (summer light kimono) with fans in hands. They are waiting for fireworks to start.  


  1. So many pretty pieces! I love the monkey! Bet she's making someone very happy:)
    And that flower is beautiful indeed. So delicate!

    P.S. I'm hoping to pop by that gallery this week, to see your work in the flesh!

    1. Thank you! To Artichoke gallery? You would love it. Please give a little pat to their gallery dog for me! They are one of four galleries trail. We have seen two, and would love to visit the rest, but we can't drive in that direction due to Opeartion Stack at this moment. I hope you enjoye the visit! : )