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Monday, 10 August 2015

More sales and a packing Monday!

Where the wind blows found a lovely home, I was told by Bils and Rye gallery last week. So nice! She has been my favourite and others'. I had a telepathic chat with her a few days prior to the sale day, coincidentally. She has strong will. I am so happy that she found a lovely lady who would love her dearly! Thank you so much!

Where the wind blows - sold

On my shop front, things have been busy! Rabbit Girl found a super home in the Netherlands. It seems she had waited for the lovely lady to pick her. : )

Rabbit Girl - sold
I made a cosy box for her. I hope she would safely arrive. Fingers crossed.

The little Lamb with her teddy in the pocket has also found a loving home up north. A nice lady with beautiful dogs is waiting for her arrival! How wonderful! She has ear protection! :D

Lamb with ear protection on a famous pink foam! 



  1. I am always so happy to read about the lovely homes which your pieces find for themselves. We always have a chat with our little Hen every morning in the kitchen. She refuses to be ignored! x

    1. They are quite demanding and opinionated! :D I'm happy that they are going to such loving homes. Seeing it is the joy of being artist. : )