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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Hello November! It is my birth month, and I prefer it to October because I have already given up seeing sunshine so I could focus on my work! :D Last month we had had no sunshine for more than a week. I kept saying ' There is no such a thing as the sun, it was dream'. Guess what? I felt better because I didn't have to get disappointed every morning when I saw the window. If you suffer at this time of year, as I do,  you could give up hope all together, and say this! :D

This, of course, reminds me of the Green witch in Narnia. C. S. Lewis re-told some stories of the Bible in the books. I felt, because of that, some parts of the story didn't flow as much as other parts. Still, they are my most favourite stories.

The Medieval Lady went to a lovely lady, who I have known on Twitter for a long time, and also met, with her also lovely daughter, at PV in one of my exhibitions. I hope they live for a long time together in happiness! One day I would make a few different characters from the Middle Ages.

Medieval lady - Eleanor of Aquitaine - Sold

I work steadily everyday, including weekends. It is easier for me to work through than to stop and start again. Mike has been very busy over the last few weeks; he has cleared part of the garden, prepared a site for a greenhouse. And he moved it by himself without instructions! It is all for the extension, which will be my studio. Without him, who could do all this work! (Not me!) So he spent all weekends in the garden, I in my studio,



  1. I do like your medieval characters... perhaps the gold helps :) What would we do without our clever DIY husbands - they are such a blessing.

    1. Thank you, Anna. : ) I think when Mike wouldn't be able to help me any longer, I would have to hire an assistant. If it is not economically viable, I may have ro give up part of my career. Alarming thought.

  2. Staying busy helps keep the winter blues away, no doubt about it!
    The medieval lady has a real personality. With her gold crown she must be am important personage.
    Toes crossed that you will post photos of studio progress!

    1. You are right. I also make sure that I walk dogs properly, not short cut. The walk helps me. 😊
      Thank you. I hope I would be able to update blog more often.