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Monday, 9 November 2015

Rabbit Girl, the biggest ever!

I woke up about eight, had breakfast in bed, and dozed off until ten this morning. Yes, it is Monday morning. You might feel jealous, but don't. I had a full working Sunday, preparing for glaze-firing until nine at night and admin work after that until ten. My back aches from all work I have done recently. I have had a problem sleeping because of that. So it was nice to be in the bed a bit longer,

But, of course, I had to get up and plug the kiln! I am an artist working with ceramics. Otherwise I would have stayed in the bed until lunch time. 

Rabbit Girl is in my shop. She is the largest Rabbit Girl ever. Some of you know that I have special feeling about white rabbits. I could see myself as one of them. So I have lots of rabbit themed works. To Japanese white rabbits have symbolic meaning. After all, it is one of characters appears in the Japanese myth.  

Rabbit Girl

She is a girl in a rabbit body. She used to be a girl. She wished to be a white rabbit because she loved her pet rabbit so much. She wanted to be always with him. Her wish was granted. 

Rabbit Girl

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