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Sunday, 20 December 2015

More works went to loving homes for Christmas!

Less than one week to Christmas. I'm a bit surprised how quickly time has gone, especially I have been unwell for most of December so far. But I'm finally on the mend. I hope I am not starting jinx! Whenever I said I feel better, I got ill again in the past. I hope this time I nailed it down!

Quite a few works have gone to new homes since the last post. Thank you so much!

Aya have gone to a lovely lady. The model is one of my school friends. She was a book worm, and we used to talk about the books we have read during breaks. Now she is an assistant professor in literature in Japan.

The girl with a shield bug has gone to a lovely gentleman. She is my first piece with an insect. I am not very keen on them, but I have admired the beauty of shield bugs. Besides, they are stubborn. They don't know how small they are. If you try to move it, it will put its feet down!
Girl with a shield bug jewellery
The fourth crow has flown to a loving home. After making a few for the first time, I loved them so much. I made more. They look cool on wood mounts.
The large crow on the right has gone to a crow lover. The ones on the highest and lowest mounts are still available. 

The little lamb is so sweet. I squealed when I made her. Wouldn't you? : )


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  1. Never sure if shield bugs are goodies or baddies, persistent though. Great curls she has.

    1. I thought they are harmless, but I'm not sure what they eat. Thank you, Patricia. : )

  2. you have done so well to continue to produce so much work while not well. Here's to good health in 2016.

    1. Thank you, Anna. They were a few of sold works in December. My last firing for Christmas was late November. December is posting month to me. 😊