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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New works in progress

Cold has returned because I walked to town on Saturday to see an exhibition. The road was congested. It is not serious, but bad enough to have aches all over, hence I can't sleep well. I stay inside, and drive to post office. I hope I will be 100% soon!

Here are images of the January orders I had made before the cold returned. The Water Girl is for a lady in New York.

Water Girl

A herd of tapirs. I made a few extra tiny babies for tapir lovers.

Ice baby and his animal helper on the left for a lovely lady. I have also made a tall one for a show. 

Ice baby
What's this? He is an aardvark. His name is Otto! He lives in London Zoo. I made him for a lovely lady who adores aardvarks.

After hollowing him out, I made his face. 


The last burst of  Christmas posting was last Friday. 

I have added a couple of porcelain spoons in my shop. The largest one and a small one. 

Porcelain spoons.

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