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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lots of works have gone to loving homes!

My studio life has become hectic. The day for the start of construction for my studio is decided; it's the 29th February. So I have a month before disruption will start. No rest for me until then!

Lots of sales have happened since the last post. Thank you so much! Here are some of them.

A girl with red shoes has gone to a lovely lady in the US. This work is based on a Japanese children's song, 'Akai kutsu' (Red shoes) written about 100 years ago. It is a poignant song. At that time, ordinary people wore traditional Japanese footwear, not shoes, let alone red shoes. It is about the girl, who was taken away to abroad by a foreigner.

Girl with red shoes

The Medieval Lady mask has gone to a lovely lady in the South East. I'm hoping to make more Medieval themed works in summer.  

The Medieval lady

As for animals, whippets are running off! :D The largest, the third from left, and far right are in my shop. All others have gone to loving homes! They make fantastic gifts for sighthound lovers!  
Three whippets are still available. 
At this time of the year, rabbits are also popular. First, this little chap has gone to a lovely stone carver, Jennifer Tetlow. She makes beautiful stone animals. Link at the bottom. 

He is living with a stone carver now. 

And this one has gone to a textile lady.
She went to a lovely textile designer,  Scotland, 
And this one has gone to a sweet lady in Japan. 

You haven't missed out yet! I have made more recently. Please check my shop!

Lots of rabbits

The first tapir porcelain spoon (top) has gone to a wonderful couple in Scotland. They are not only beautiful and sweet, but also usable; they has food safe glaze. Other two are in my shop.

Porcelain tapir spoons

The last and not the least is Wind swept owl who flew to Scotland on a stormy day! I will make more owls soon!
Wind swept owl

 Jennifer Tetlow: http://twitter.com/JenniferTetlow

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