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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Baby alpaca socks and sample faces

Baby alpaca undyed socks. A birthday present from Mike. They were redelivered today because it was initially delivered on Saturday when we were absent.

Like so many husbands on the planet, Mike has no idea what I want, so I request something twice a year, to relieve his agony. This year, I saw these socks on a magazine, and fancied one pair for myself. They only used baby alpaca fleece, it says. When Mike read this, he said 'Oh, they plucked baby alpaca to make these!'. I hope not, I hope they sheared.

Alpaca socks
Unlike so many husbands, he wants to buy more than one, perhaps to show that he really wanted to give his wife a gift, but didn't know what to give, so now he knows what I want, he can give me two pairs or three, or even all colours available. I stopped him. I like to try a pair first. I hope they will warm up my icy cold feet at night.

This is one of my recent test pieces for new clay and new underglaze. It looks fine, but I know that at the firing, the kiln didn't reach high for this, so I probably need another test.   

This is another one that I am using for my avatar. They are much larger than my face accessory series.
I am wondering I could use them for decorations. Perhaps hanging form the wall, or Christmas tree?  

Before bisque firing

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