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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The curse of solar panels

Hazel nuts
You might wonder what hazel nuts have to do with solar panels. Well, we got our solar panels installed in late September. Since then, we changed our way of life. We try to use our electricity most when sun is out and our panels are generating electricity. It had been relatively easy until this month. we had a marvelously sunny October, and the length of daytime was ok. But now it is not so easy.

I am on the roof!

When it is bright, I run the laundry machine, which takes one hour, and dishwasher, which on economy programme takes a whopping three hours. Then I try to cook something, which doesn't require my constant attention, a stew or soup, sometimes rice too. Vacuuming is a must as we have so many critters indoors Then if there is still sun up in the sky, I will try to iron Mike's shirts. But the feeble winter sun has usually disappeared by the time the dishwasher finishs the programme.  

Mike wants to climb.
Before the solar panels, I had never ironed Mike's shirts. He used to do it in the evening. I seldom cooked anything during daytime.

I usually work from 8:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. I also take dogs out for walks four times a day, as I have to take them separately. I often spent walks thinking and planning for my work. During winter time, it is my responsibility to look after our chicken, Pumpkin, as she goes to sleep before Mike comes home.

Obviously when I was very busy with important issues at work, and also live webcasts to watch, I did nothing. But when I could spare time, even a short time. I do household work which needs electricity. This has increased my workload a lot.
He goes up again!

Apparently summer is different. It is still bright when Mike comes home, and also we can start the laundry machine much earlier than now.

I must admit that I am far from domestic goddess. I am much happier working than doing household chores. I prefer eating out to eating in.I don't like cleaning. I only do because nobody else does.

You might think I should just ignore the solar panels, and revert to the life before them. But we set a target to get the capital back in a certain time span. You see, we bought Sanyo's small panels which are more expensive than others due to our small roof. From investment point of view, it is important to use as much of the electricity generated as possible. I know it because investment is my work. I also know that this scheme should give us a very good return with low risk. I am also a woman of principle and strong will and drive. Once I decide I usually stick to it and complete it.   

So here is my dilemma. And now I can hear you say I haven't explained the relationship between hazel nuts and solar panels.  Here is the point. We used to roast our own hazel nuts, which are my favorite, every night until they ran out. But because of the circumstances explained above, there is no time to use the oven during daytime in weekdays. Only weekends, if it is bright, I could roast the nuts. This is the curse of solar panels.

Mike has his own blog on our solar panels. Here is the link


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