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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pumpkin the chiken, reconnecting with Jane and delicious pastries to look forward to.

Our chicken, Pumpkin, stopped laying early this week. She went to moulting. She is definitely a high rank member in our family. If we are allowed to place humans on the top, she comes next. (I could hear protests from our parrots). She used to ride on my shoulder. On several occasions, I gave her a big smile, then she pecked my tooth, gum or lips. It depends on how quickly I could shut my mouth. Very painful...


Dew on her feather

Dew on my shoes

Yesterday, I finally re-connected with Jane, the ceramist & our former tutor at KAE. Two emails I sent her went to missing, and we had miscommunication. Glad to hear from her again. 

Le Pain quotidien at St Pancras

Mike went to London for a conference today. I asked him to get me some pastries from Le Pain Quotidien at St. Pancras. I over-love pastries from here. Anytime I go to London, I drop by when I arrive at the station, to grab an espresso and usually a crispy almond croissant. If I have got time before my train on the way back, I will drop by again, and get four pastries for us, for the evening and the next morning. In my opinion, they are much better than Paul UK's. (Well, I love Paul at Lille. I go to their shops at least twice on a day trip and bring back a pie or so, but pastries in branches in London are a bit soggy and heavy to my liking.)

He came back with four. He bought two praline danish in the morning and put them in a big Tupperware in his backpack, and two almond croissants on the way back, because he didn't know if he would have time to buy on the way back, not because he wanted to carry them around in the conference! What I liked was that almond flakes are still crispy! I am tempted to have the praline now....

Almond Croissants

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